It’s that time of year again when we make up our favourite fossil collections. This lovely collection of fossils is from around the world. The Shark tooth, Otodus has been mounted to display. Fossil fish Knightia, from Green River Formation. Fossil wood. Cut & Polished Cleoniceras. Trilobite Calymene. Polished Orthoceras plate. Actual weight 1.7kg Postage included for UK mainland customers.
Age: . Shark tooth 50 mill. Fossil fish 50 mill. Cleoniceras 160 mill. Fossil wood 210mill. Calymene Upper Ordovician 450 mill. Othoceras 300mill.
Size: Approx: Box size 33 x 22cm.
Location: Fossil wood Madagascar, shark tooth Morocco, Fossil Fish Wyoming USA. Cleoniceras Madagascar. Calymene Morocco. Orthoceras Morocco.

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