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Lovely collection of fossils from around the world. The Shark tooth, Otodus has been mounted to display. Fossil fish from Green River Formation. Cut & Polished Cleoniceras. Cut & polished slice of fossil Wood. Phacops, free standing on original matrix. Polished Orthoceras plate. Postage included for UK mainland customers.
Age: Fossil Wood 225 mill. Shark tooth 50 mill. Fossil fish 50 mill. Cleoniceras 160 mill. Phacops Devonian. Othoceras 300mill.
Size: Approx: Fossil Wood 14cm. Shark tooth 4cm. Fossil fish 11cm. Cleoniceras 10cm. Phacops 6cm. Orthoceras 26 x 18cm.
Location: Fossil Wood Madagascar, shark tooth Morocco, Fossil Fish Wyoming USA. Cleoniceras Madagascar. Phacops Morocco. Orthoceras Morocco.

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