A selection of Ammonites we have discovered in the UK or sourced from unique locations around the world.

Marine Fossils

We have a great variety of fish & marine fossils found in the United Kingdom and from around the world.


Fascinating, unique Trilobites - one of the earliest known animal groups from millions of years ago.

Ice Age Bones

A selection of Mammoth fossils and other eye-catching ice age bones from around the globe.
Dorset Ammonites

Dorset, part of the Jurassic coast, is home to an abundance of ammonites. View our latest discoveries.

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British Ammonites

We have found and independently sourced a variety of ammonites from around the coasts of Great Britain.

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World Ammonites

Discover a piece of natural history with ammonites that we have sourced from unique locations around the world.

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Fossil Gift Boxes

Start your own collection or provide a unique gift that's a small piece of natural history.

About Charmouth Fossils

The Jurassic Coast covers 95 miles of stunning coastline of Dorset and East Devon, with the rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth's history, dating from the early Jurassic period making it easy to find a wide range of spectacular fossils. Due to cliff erosion, fossil deposits can still be found in large numbers on the beaches of the Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Portland and the world heritage site, including: ichthyosaurs, giant marine reptiles, bones from dinosaurs intricate crinoids and ammonites.

Tony Gill, the proprietor of Charmouth Fossils, started collecting for fun over 25 years ago, he is now a professional collector. Our shop is situated on the Dorset coastline in the pretty costal village of Charmouth just below the Heritage Coast Center on the Sea Front at Charmouth.

We have a large selection of fossils for sale along with crystals and gem stones, carvings and many other collectable and gifts. You can also purchase casts which have been reproduced from originals, all are prepared in the workshop at the rear of the shop. You can also hire fossiling hammers to aid your hunting and if you are lucky enough to find a good sample we will prepare it for you.

Can't visit the workshop? No problem! Buy fossils from our online shop and we'll ship them directly to your door with free shipping included for UK customers. Beautiful, educational and collectable; we stock many excellent examples of fossils from across the world. Own a piece of history today!

The shop offers hammer and goggle hire to start your fossil hunting.

The shop is dog friendly.

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Please phone or email before making a special journey.

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